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Cow management

Cow herd

Fertility selection
Increase fertility by removing all non-performers without favour. Increase fertility pressure with a short mating period. The heifers and cowherd are mated for 45 days. Heifers are exposed to the bull approximately 14 days before the cows.

Efficiency selection
Remove all females that decrease income or increase management inputs. This includes culling all cows that did not wean a calf. We favour poll females, as polled calves reduce our clients costs.
Improve genetics
BTB constantly strives to increase the rate of genetic progress with our selection and management practices. We select a high percentage of replacement heifers to lower the average age of our cow herd. Young 14 month old bulls are increasingly used to further shorten the generation interval. We strive to use bulls with the top 20% percentile economic indexes and, mate the best with the best. To increase the accuracy of our genetic options we are measuring more accurately and comprehensively.

Cow quality
We select to maintain structural soundness and phenotype.
We also gather additional data at weaning including cow BCS, hip height, coat score and udder score at calf birth.

The BTB Heifers program
  • Matured on planted pastures to reach at least 340Kg at AI date (12 months minimum age). Heifers that cannot reach this milestone are culled.
  • All heifers are AI'd.
  • Heifers are exposed to young bulls for 45 days.
  • Open heifers are culled.
  • Heifers are culled for dystocia.
  • First calves are managed as a group, until weaning of their first calf.
The BTB Cow Program
  • Selective AI on 50% of the cow herd.
  • Cows are exposed to the bull for 45 days.
  • Open cows are culled.

Currently the BTB fertility selection is based on the "Days to Calving EBV". Strict fertility selection in effect also selects for adaptability and stayability.

The excellent fertility traits of our cow herd results in high fertility bulls being offered on our sales.

   Stud Producer of the Year

Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce reliable, leading genetics that will maximize value and sustainability for our clients.


Star Cow Awards
2017 Willie Angus Award



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